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Fulton County and Hickman County EDP

P.O. Box 1413      Fulton, Kentucky 42041

270-472-2125  Cell 270-627-3716  Fax 270-472-1944

email: fultoneconomic@bellsouth.net

Fulton County and Hickman County Economic Development Partnership is a very Industry friendly organization located in West Kentucky. We are very unique; our two-county area includes a slack water port on the Mississippi River, an extensive rail connection, and the Julian Carroll-Purchase Parkway (Future I-69 corridor). 

   The mainline of the Canadian National Railroad is within a few yards of most our sites. We have an available workforce of over 100,000 within commuting distance and great utilities. 45 percent of the U.S. population lives within 600 miles of western Kentucky. The completion of I-69 will connect the Canadian border with Mexico. Our future is bright and the time is right. With the best Incentives the State of Kentucky offers, we can provide any prospective industry a great location for their next expansion or relocation.  

N E W S  &   I N F O R M A T I O N

Bluegrass 1.JPG (58045 bytes)SOLD  Industrial building and warehouse at 600 Stephen Beale Drive in Fulton, KY.  The building has 263,000 square feet with 15,000 square feet of office space. More details of the sale on this property is forthcoming.



Pipe Plus (November 17) The Fulton County- Hickman County EDP is please to announce that Pipe Plus out of Willow Springs, MO have located in the former Hickman Pipe and Tube facility. Pipe Plus is a family owned company that will manufacture all types of pipe and steel products. The company expects to hire some 30 to 40 fulltime employees at full production. Pictured with Eddie Crittendon the Executive Director is Mr. and Mrs. Gaylon Thibodeaux of Pipe Plus

Riverine Fisheries (November 17) The Fulton County- Hickman County EDP is pleased to announce. Riverine Fisheries, LLC will locate a new company to Hickman Kentucky. Riverine plans to invest over 20 million into the project and will employee over 110 fulltime employees.  Riverine will locate a vessel in the Hickman  harbor that will process all types of Asian Carp, and other fish into various value added products. Pictured in the photo is President of Riverine Mr. Joe Gillas.

NOTICE: (February 19, 2013) The Hickman County Economic Development Authority, Inc., is accepting proposals from business and/or industrial individuals or companies who might have an interest in doing business with the authority on part of the property known locally as the Hickman County Business Park South where Daymar College is located. The authority is interested in talking to potential job creating businesses about an opportunity to do business at this site, and will consider proposals involving any or all of the property with the exception of the property currently leased to Daymar College.  Any party interested in discussing such a business and job creating/ retention proposal should contact the Economic Development Authority at (270) 653-4369 or in its office located at 102 E. Jackson, Clinton, Ky. Any interested party should submit its proposal for use of the property no later than 4:00 p.m., Friday, March 8, 2013.  Any questions concerning this advertisement should be directed to the phone number above.  The interest of HCEDA, Inc. in soliciting proposals is to create as many jobs as possible in the Hickman County community. All proposals will be considered. 

60-mile-drive.jpg (123220 bytes)Demographic data within 60 miles driving time. The EDP has obtained the latest demographic data for an area within 60 miles driving time of Fulton, Kentucky. The area includes all or part of 12 counties in both Kentucky and Tennessee (Click on map to enlarge). The date set includes useful information on businesses, population, employment and much more.  

   To download the complete reports, click on PDF links below:  



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Revised: July 31, 2015